4G Proxies are more expensive than datacenter proxies so why use them?

The answer is very simple, it’s the only safe way to connect to Instagram without automatically running into blocks of actions (Follow, Like and Unfollow).

Why is 4G Proxies so popular with Instagram?

  • They have a high level of trust (trust score) since they are used only by real people to connect to Instagram from their mobile devices. Having said that, blocks are much rarer than connections from data centers (which are blocked almost immediately) although it should be noted that 4G Proxies are not repellent from blocks.
  • The IP addresses of the 4G Proxy are used by real users and by mobile operators (Vodafone, TIM, 3, Wind, etc) and are located differently from those of the data centers.
  • The IP addresses of the 4G Proxies cannot be blacklisted as they would block many real users (the IP addresses of the 4G Proxies are changed every few hours) and therefore, with this infrastructure, it is not physically possible to block them.

Visit the previous points you can understand why to use them even if they cost much more. We at Social Fast have created our 4G Proxies to keep the price as low as possible for our customers since the cheapest Proxy costs € 90 per month per single Proxy.

Our whole system has an uptime close to 100% even if guaranteeing 100% is physically impossible given that problems always exist and will continue to exist even for the largest companies in the world (see primarily Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc).

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