Is Instagram still controlled by the famous algorithm?

Looking online you always hear about Instagram, which is controlled by the famous and feared “algorithm” that sees, analyzes all our actions and decides the fate of our profiles. This thing is by no means truer than at least the beginning of 2018.

All the most famous social networks, therefore Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. are managed by an Artificial Intelligence (I.A.) which analyzes everything that happens on the platforms.

What changes compared to before?

In reality the changes are few but substantial, let’s say that Instagram is now a bit more “smart” than before and thanks to deep learning it gets smarter with each passing day.

But what’s the point of having smarter Instagram?

With the changes suffered by the platform having it smarter is essential because we will avoid having many problems in the life of our profiles.

For example, since the beginning of 2019 Instagram has been waging war against fake and ghost profiles so as to clean up its platform. How did he do? Thanks to the introduction of this I.A.! Of course, he made big mistakes during these months but every day that passes he learns from his mistakes and becomes smarter.

The introduction of this I.A. has allowed Instagram to better analyze our profiles and understand in which “basin” we introduce.

What are these basins?

To make it very short, there are groups of profiles like ours, both by category, by content and by numbers. After the insertion in this basin an average of all these profiles will be made and Instagram will understand when we will publish a successful content because it will reach higher numbers than the previously established average.

This allows us a new, more effective method of distorting the media that Instagram has created for our profile.

Such as?

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